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7 Tips to Secure Your Facebook Account

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How to Secure Your Facebook Account for 100%

Seven Tips to Secure Your Facebook Account

The subconscious can be a sly animal when it comes to keeping your account confidential and safe. Here are seven tips to help you deal with it.

Keep control who sees your posts

Whenever you post anything online, whether it is on Facebook or elsewhere, you should always be assured that you know who can see it.
Sometimes, it is not clear who really can see who you posted on Facebook. Let's explain about Lance Whitney's settings and who can see who has the settings on your Facebook account.

Manage which ad you can see

It is not confidential that when you use Facebook, you are a product sold. Your browsing history and Facebook activity help you make better targeting for advertisers, and Facebook creates this capability.

With that idea in mind, you may want to take a look at how to control which ads you see.

Block your former, annoying app invitations

After a bad disturbance or twenty-one-day invitations in a day, blocking a person (or app) can be a necessary step to help you stay healthy.

Dan Graziano explains what looks like blocking users and apps, so keep your Facebook feed free of disturbances and conflicts.

Five minutes or less

As we mentioned earlier, keeping track of the security of your Facebook account can be a full-time job. But that does not happen.

We have a post that lets you book your Facebook Safety Tour in just five minutes. Sorry, but we can not offer any free pizza if it takes longer.

The list is best

Facebook likes to flash your news feed, often hiding your latest feed, making sure you only see what the network curtails on your handover.

Thankfully, the curation process is a very simple methodology that allows you to control.

Read about creating your own Facebook book to make sure you never miss a friend's update again.
You have a hidden inbox

When you lock your Facebook account down, you can accidentally make it very safe. One such example is the second inbox that gives Facebook to every user.

Messages sent by such users you do not know often get here - in some instances, the messages of people you know will be here.

Rik Brooda not only shows you where to find your 'second' inbox, but they also tell you about receiving certain messages in the right place.

More security detail

Do not want to sound like a broken record, but maintaining a Facebook account security is a difficult task.
Danielle O'Reilly offers a detailed guide that includes what you need to know about keeping your personal information safe.

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