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Headphone jack not working in mobile phone? Do this

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Headphone jack not working in mobile phone Do this

Headphone jack not working in mobile phone? Do This

Sometimes this happens when the headphone jack of your smartphone is not working, even after you have tried many times it is not correct, you feel that there is some problem with your phone. Although this does not happen every time, sometimes due to some problem your mobile phone's headphone jack does not work, now if it is so, then you can fix it by adopting the steps easier.

Have you ever noticed the problem associated with headphone jack in your mobile phone? Although people are not troubled by this kind of problem, but many times it happens that your phone's headphone jack stops working. At this time we can understand how you would feel, you would think that your phone has got worse, or you can think that your headphone has gone bad, but there are not many of these problems at times . The problem can be in your headphone jack only. Sometimes it happens that your mobile phone's headphone jack stops working without doing anything on its own, now if you love listening to music then you can get bigger freebies.

However, today we are going to tell you an easy way to avoid this problem. You can solve this problem by adopting steps easier. So let's tell you and if you are struggling with this problem, you should now check your headphone jack once again by adopting this method, we believe that the headphone jack of your mobile phone will start working.

1. Headphone jack is not broken anywhere
First of all you should make sure that the headphone jack of your mobile phone is not broken. If this is broken then you can solve this problem by changing it, although if it is not broken, then we are going to tell you several other remedies which you may find very good. First of all, you should also check to see if there is no problem in your headphone, for this you need to do any other device other than your smartphone i.e. a Bluetooth speaker, laptop, TV or any other device that is 3 Comes with a .5mm jack, should be connected to see. Now if your headphone is bad then you have to change it as well.

2. Check audio settings
Many times it happens that all the above mentioned measures have been done by you, but even after this, the headphone jack does not connect to your smartphone, now you think that what has happened is that your headphone jack is connected to your headphone jack not happening. Even here you do not have to worry too much. Here you have to take a simple step, and the move is to go to your smartphone and check the audio settings. Many times it happens that we are doing something else in the setting but audio settings in the phone are in some way worse. If this is the case then you should easily go and restart your phone to update this setting. By doing this, you can get rid of this problem.

3. The smartphone is not connected to any other Bluetooth device
If your headphone jack is fine, and there is no problem with your headphone, even after your headphones are not connected through headphone jack, then now you have to check whether your Not connected with any other device such as any other Bluetooth device with the smartphone. If so, sometimes it happens that your phone does not connect to your headphone jack. For this, you have to turn off your phone's Bluetooth connectivity, and unplug your mobile phone with that device.

4. Do not forget to clean headphone jack
We see this thing many times that due to continuous dust and soil, your headphone jack goes into it a lot, and sometimes it drops completely due to it being a drop of water. Now you have to see that your headphone jack is completely clean, sometimes it happens that in such a situation your carbon jack comes in the jack, and it does not connect to your headphones. If you clean it then there are possibilities that it will start working once again. You should take this step every time you do this, because in my opinion this step is the easiest, you do not need to spend any kind of money in your phone, clean it with any household items. Can.

5. Go to the service center
Even if you have any problems in your headphone jack, even after adopting all these measures, then you should take your phone to the service center without any thought, by going there, you are going to know its real problem, now either It will be fixed, or you will be told that your headphone jack is bad. You have to change it. Now if you want to get rid of this problem at this time, then you have to spend some money for it.

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