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Infinix Smart 2 review

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Infinix Smart 2 review

Infinix Smart 2 review

Infinix launched Smart Phone Smart 2 in the budget category in India last month, starting at Rs 6,999. Today, in this review, you will learn how much this smartphone fits into this category.

Infinix Smart 2 has been offered by the company to compete in the category of 6000 rupees, and the collision of this smartphone is directly from the Redmi 5A of Shawom. Smart 2 comes with almost identical specs found in a budget phone. If you are switching from a feature phone to a smartphone, you can switch to this smartphone, although Redmi 5A does not have the ability to compete with this device. But if you want to look at the phones of any other company other than Shaomi, then this is an option. But because this smartphone comes with 2GB RAM so the speed can not be expected from the device.

Infinix Smart 2 Specification

  • Display- 5.45 inch HD + Full View display
  • RAM- 2GB
  • Storage- 16GB
  • Battery- 3050mAh
  • Camera- 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera
  • Operating System- XOS 3.3 based on android 8.1 orio
  • Processor- MediaTech 6739 64-bit Quad Core Processor

Infinix Smart 2: Full Review

Infinix has added its Smart 2 smartphone to the list of budget smartphones, but will this smartphone compete with other smartphones coming in this category? This is where the smartphone has become an important requirement for every person and smartphone makers are offering smartphones at all costs. The company has introduced Infinix Smart 2 in two variants, 16GB storage with 2GB of RAM in one variant while the second variant comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. If talk about the smartphones coming out of this price, then Yu Ace, which was recently introduced under the brand Yu Televentures of Xiaomi Redmi 5A or Micromax, will compete with this smartphone. While we all know that Redmi 5A is the best selling phone in India which has been quite liked by the people. So will Infinix Smart 2 customers like this, in this review, we will know which features are included in this smartphone and how people will like these features, the performance of the device, the design and camera are the right fit in this price Sit down

Infinix Smart 2 Display and UI
There is a 5.45-inch HD + display full view display present in Infinix Smart 2, it is a 18: 9 aspect ratio display that offers 83% screen to body rhesio. In the Smart 2, the company has included a special feature, it is an eye care mode included in this feature display. If you use the phone for a long time, whether it is for chatting or watching videos or for any other work, then it can be called a good feature of Eye Care Mode. After turning on this mode the brightness of the screen is set according to the requirement and there is no direct glow on the eyes. Apart from this, it is a full view display so you can zoom by dragging the screen when you play a video. Talk about the brightness of the display, it can be called good. It can easily be read in low light or light, and if you are watching a video or using mobile in sunlight then the brightness of the screen will not trouble you, even setting it on a normal brightness can easily may be used.

This device works on XOS 3.3 based on android 8.1 ORIO and its UI speaks if it is smoother. Apps are easy to open and talk about a normal user, there is no problem in the device that the device slows down or hangs. The device has built-in apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook. It is not that these apps can not be deleted or uninstalled. If you do not want to use these apps then you can delete them. The user interface is quite clean, you can easily view every app and do your job without any interruption. In Smart 2, the company has incorporated a new freezer feature that saves your phone's storage and also increases the speed of the phone. If you have not heard of this feature, then I will tell you in detail about it.

As we all know, every now and then a new smartphone is introduced in the market, which promotes new features, heavy RAM or great performance. In this way, low-fired fones become difficult to speed up and due to keeping more apps in the device, it becomes slower. But the best way to fix this problem is to freeze these apps. The apps you use less but they are important and do not want to uninstall them, freeze them is the best option. The freezer app can be freezing the applications running in the background which are not used continuously, so that the device gets the speed and helps in saving the battery as well. Talk about the freezer app in Smart 2, it will be quite common in this device because in it you are getting 2GB of RAM which is not enough and can slow your phone so using this app will speed up the device Can be up.

Infinix Smart 2 review
Infinix Smart 2 review

Infinix Smart 2 camera
Infinix Smart 2, equipped with 13MP rear and 8MP front camera offers dual LED flash with both camera setup. On the front of the device, the 8MP Low Light Self camera is available and this camera comes with f / 2.0 aperture. Photos taken from the front camera of the device are average and click a simple photo. In the front camera of the device, Bokeh Selfie mode has also been included, which blurred the background behind the object and took portrait pictures.

Book photos taken from the front camera of the device are not able to do justice with Portrait photos so well. But still, it is able to click the average pictures in the right light conditions. In addition to Selfie, Front Camera Face Unlock also works to unlock the device. It is also difficult to expect more than the device in this price.

Apart from this, the 13 megapixel PDAF camera on the rear panel of the device comes with a 5P lens with f / 2.0 aperture and a dual-LED flash with the camera is also provided. The rear camera also clicks average photos. From the device we have seen clicking in pictures in many different light conditions and the camera is capable of taking good pictures in view of the price.

Infinix Smart 2 Design and makeup
Talking about budget smartphones, at present, the design of budget fons of almost all companies looks the same. Similarly, Infinix Smart 2 has also been given the same design as can be seen in other budget fonts. The device has been provided with Korn Corners and it is manufactured by plastic. There are a few bevels on the edges of the device and good bezels can be seen at the top and bottom. The screen could be enlarged by reducing the bottom bezel less, but the company did not do this. Apart from this, the front camera and Dual LED flash have been replaced. The form of the device is such that it can be easily used with one hand, the volume rockers are placed on the right edge of the device along with the power button. The power button has been given a different texture, which can be made to distinguish volume buttons and power buttons without seeing it.

Infinix Smart 2  Battery and Performance
Infinix Smart 2 has a 3050mAh battery which is easy for one common user to work one day. However, if you are a heavy user then the battery may need to be charged again in one day. Charging the battery does not take much time to charge the device in a typical time. If you are fond of games and do gaming continuously, then the device's battery is reduced drastically. While playing games such as Templar Run, Asphalt 8, it can be seen that the battery is low on low, although in the device I have downloaded and downloaded games such as Pub G, but after trying several times, this game will be downloaded to the device Have not been found. If the battery performance of other devices coming inside this price is seen then their performance is almost the same. If the total specs of the device are seen, of course it does not feel unhappy. Overall the device's battery performance is good. This is the perfect fit in this budget phone.

Talk about the total performance of the device so if you are an early smartphone user and just want to buy a device for calling, or using a two social media app, this device will not bother you, but if you use more apps And if you want to use the device for your official work, then the device does not work as fast as you can be happy with it. I would like to do many of the official work tools, whether it is Google Docs or any other app, I have not found the speed of the speed, which can be seen in the phone of 4GB RAM or 6GB RAM, and then the amount of RAM The better the chip set will be available in the device, the same will be available in the speed device.

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